Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Hamilton Spectator Covers IPC's West Lincoln IWT project

TheSpec - Wind turbine plans ruffle neighbours:

 A Mississauga-based firm is hoping to start construction on five wind turbines in the Caistor Centre area next year.
IPC Energy gave an update on its plans at West Lincoln’s planning committee meeting Monday night and faced heated questions from councillors about the future cost of decommissioning, impact on wildlife and what the company would do if the wind turbines have a detrimental impact on neighbouring residents.
The issue of wind turbines is controversial in the township and has spawned the creation of an opposition group called the West Lincoln Glanbrook Wind Action Group.
IPC, which stands for Independent Power Corp., is the smallest company planning to build wind turbines and take advantage of the province’s green energy push. Their five-turbine Caistor Centre project will cost about $25 million
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  1. It's not hard to spot Torstar, parent of the Toronto Star, owns the Spectator.IPC is the company of former Ontario Liberal party president, and candidate for national Liberal party president, Mike Crawley.