Friday, March 16, 2012

Blowin' in the wind not good

Joel Wiebe's article covers many concerns of those threatened by industrial wind in the Manvers area.
MyKawartha Article: Blowin' in the wind not good:

Residents in Manvers area are mighty concerned about proposed wind turbines

Paul Reid lives in the area and won't likely be directly affected by the wind turbines but he's concerned about his community and about funding for the project.
"It's a subsidized business," he says.
Wind turbines and homes don't mix, he says, repeating a slogan you'll find on many signs in front of people's homes in the area.
The area is part of the environmentally-sensitive Oak Ridges Morraine.
"You can't put a garden shed in but you can put this (wind tubines) in," says Mr. Reid.
He says those that sign up to host a wind turbine on their property are signing away other people's rights. Families, he says, will sue each other.
The most successful areas for hosting wind turbines, he states, are the poor areas where people are desperate for money.
He adds they aren't wind farms but factories.
"These are subsidy farms that grow debt," he states.
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