Thursday, March 22, 2012

Environmental activists' charitable status challenged

Environmental activists' charitable status challenged | Canada | News | London Free Press:
OTTAWA - The group Environmental Defence will have to defend itself now, following allegations it has broken the strict limits on political activity for charities.
In a letter to the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA), the group argues Environmental Defence should have its charitable status revoked - or at least face sanctions - over "targeted, partisan political activity." spokesman Jamie Ellerton accuses Environmental Defence of breaking the rules several times, but especially in how it has gone after federal Environment Minister Peter Kent.
A February 12, 2011, Environmental Defence news release trumpeted its door-to-door canvassing, petition drive, media ads, and its calls to "50,000 households in Thornhill to identify those who disagree with the minister's tarsands comments."
That goes too far for Ellerton.
"They specifically singled out Peter Kent and campaigned against him in the lead-up to the last (federal election) campaign," Ellerton said. "If that's not partisan activity, I'm not really sure what is."
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