Thursday, March 8, 2012

Liberals and NDP Team Up to Vote Against Wind Moratorium: has a piece covering the defeat of Huron-Bruce MPP's Private Member's Motion?

Liberals and NDP Team Up to Vote Against Wind Moratorium: MPP Milligan :: :: A View Like No Other:
“The Liberals cannot keep attacking rural Ontario and they cannot keep attacking the Ontario taxpayer with multi-billion dollar subsidies of the one power technology that is least suited to the demands of the Ontario economy.
Despite the fact the Liberal government has commissioned a $1.5 million taxpayer funded study into the health effects of wind turbines at the University of Waterloo, the McGuinty Liberals are still approving massive industrial wind projects without a completed study.
“We need to suspend any further industrial wind projects until we know the true social, physical and economic health and environmental costs of wind turbines,” said Milligan. “If the McGuinty Liberals have commissioned their own study, I question why they are still rushing through the approvals process. It makes me wonder if the Liberals are serious about finding out the health and environmental effects, or if this is simply a $1.5 million taxpayer funded stalling tactic”.
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  1. For the record, it is incorrect to simply state that the reason the motion failed was because the NDP voted with the Liberals to vote it down. Only 7 NDPs voted against the motion while 10 NDPs abstained. There were also 16 Liberals who abstained. Of bigger concern is.... Where were the Conservatives?

    After having gone through the Hansard line by line as to who voted how on Lisa Thompson’s motion for a moratorium to be placed on further industrial wind turbine development, the following is the list of the Conservative MPPs and their leader who did not exercise their vote on Lisa Thompson’s motion. This should not go unnoticed for the next election.

    Michael Harris
    Randy Hillier
    Tim Hudak
    Frank Klees
    Jim McDonell
    Jane McKenna
    Norm Miller
    Peter Shurman
    Elizabeth Witmer