Thursday, April 19, 2012

Ontario's Wilted Green Energy Act? | The Agenda

A reminder the TVO's 'The Agenda' is dealing with the GEA tonight

Ontario's Wilted Green Energy Act? | The Agenda:
The Green Energy Act was touted as the way forward for cleaner, greener energy and jobs. Three years later, The Agenda examines what the legislation delivered, and where it has fallen short.
The panel includes Ross McKitrick (also Paul Achhione, Deborah Doncaster and Tim Weis).

Auditor General Jim McCarter is now listed as a guest (on a different segment)

And Essayist Tony Keller is shown as delivering "Dollars, Dumb Policy and Hydro"

Here's a previous one of his essays:


  1. Don't you love the positive spin that Weiss and Doncaster are trying to put on 'green'? A child could see through their nonsense. Meanwhile McKitrick rolls along destroying every argument put out by them.....especially the subsidy issues.

    Something tells me that this discussion isn't going to get to health concerns, property values and so on.....

  2. Overall, a good show. For those who didn't get to watch it, you can watch it when it is replayed at 11pm or on the TVO website. It is not posted yet but I think it will be here.... In my opinion, the best part after watching McKitrick was the closing comment by Tony Keller. Here is the link that takes you to that end comment...

  3. I thought Ross was great, Paul was good, Tim was tap-dancing (including his BS on post-construction green jobs) and Deb vacuous. Hopefully people will recognize it for the anti-RE blood bath that it was.

    The only argument the greenies had was on GHGs, and Ross shot them down nicely by talking about offsets. He was probably taking pitty on them by not pointing out their apparent disdain for international offsets; I'm sure on any other given day, the greenies would crow about the merits of buying offsets from some third-worlder who'd been burning cow dung to make bricks.

  4. Was cheering Tony Keller's closing comments. The GEA has become a terrible failure.

  5. At least Doncaster pushes wind because she really believes in it; according to her, none of her work is funded by those who are profitting from Ontario's Green Energy scheme...?

  6. The following are some hypothetical ideas that The Agenda program gave rise to which are summarized here simply to see what others think.

    On one level, it’s disappointing that The Agenda did not get into some of the serious rural concerns that exist. Health, depletion of property values and the destruction of birds, bats, beautiful scenery and the rural characteristics of neighbourly trust and cooperation are very serious matters indeed. However, if we want to live in a province where the mindless proliferation of IWTs is stopped, then the issues involved with actually achieving that goal is where one needs to concentrate on....even if on an individual or specific basis, other aspects may be far more serious and aggravating.

    It’s sad to say but there are lots of city folks who never visit the country or know anyone living there. In their very narrow focus, they can’t even remotely comprehend or relate to the concept that IWTs are anything less than wonderful because ‘they have put an end to the burning of coal and assist in combating the dastardly effects of manmade global warming (AGW)’. The fact that none of that is remotely true is irrelevant.... the way the rest of us simply need to view it is the fact that the government of the day and urbanites have been endlessly bombarded with a very comprehensive and clever marketing scheme from scam artists. Without being knowledgeable enough or doing sufficient research, they bought into it hard. It unfortunately worked and it’s going to take an equal marketing efforts of the facts to undo’s human nature that people who buy into a scam often don’t readily admit to what they’ve done and an admission that a radical course change is required won’t happen overnight. To be realistic about it, trying to make cause and effect relationships are difficult under the very best is suspected that this is why urbanites may roll their eyes at the suggestion that IWTs are making people sick. It’s not that they don’t care about the health of people in the country. It’s because they can’t envision having their romantic imagine of the ‘majestic and pollution free turbines taking advantage of the wind for free energy’ shattered. If they do hear of specific objections, the urbanites understanding is that this is probably just someone exhibiting a NIMBY philosophy concerning their specific situation and nothing else.’s not just the urbanites who have bought deep into the scam. How many times have we heard somebody from the country say “well, I’m all in favour of green energy but.....”? From the bigger perspective, this is actually an incredibly foolish position to take since by any reasonable analysis, there ain’t anything green about ‘green energy’ AT ALL. Why even present a statement that looks like it could be interpreted as coming from one who is willing to compromise? At its core, isn’t the reason why the government bought into the concept of IWTs due to them first buying into the concept that AGW is a reality and therefore something must be done about it? And wasn’t it part of the elaborateness of the scheme that rural people could be made to feel guilty if they didn’t do their part (since they controlled the land that was part of the solution)....and in fact, the leaseholders would even be paid to do their part? Well, what if a) there is no relationship between CO2 and AGW and b) regardless of whether or not there is a relationship, IWTs do absolutely zero to reduce CO2 or c) even if there was a relationship between CO2 and AGW and the wind turbines had something positive to contribute, there were far less expensive alternatives that would do more? Of all the points that Ross McKitrick addressed on the The Agenda the other night, this was probably the strongest, most important and the most relevant.

    To be continued...

  7. ....continued.

    Let’s face it. If a sound argument can be made to the electorate in the cities that IWTs (and by extension, solar) are a disaster and they can see in clear terms how foolish the Liberals have been with their policies (and the attendant tax and rate payer dollars), they will be done like dinner.....and logic suggests that so will IWTs. It goes without saying that it was places like the GTA who supported McGuinty, not the rural areas. Aren’t the cities where the focus has to be? And if so, isn’t the first step to develop a marketing program to counter the lie-ridden one that the urbanites have been bombarded with? And like any marketing program, isn’t the first step to see what turns the crank of the GTA voters? How do they feel about the fact that Ontario will soon be in a league of its own across North America with regards to electrical costs? How do urbanites feel about paying X amount more for everything they buy due to the embedded higher electrical costs? How about the prospect of industry fleeing the Province to escape the high costs of operating here and relocating some place with lower electrical costs? How do they feel about putting Ontario’s unemployment numbers into the same strata as Spain where it has all been traced back to their foolish energy policies? How about the prospect of spending the billions on IWT and solar infrastructure and getting absolutely zero benefit from it on an ecological basis? What if the case can be clearly made that the environment is made even worse by the time all the factors are considered? How do urbanites feel about the fact that around the world where similar green schemes have been tried, they have failed and we are being laughed at because of how late the people of the Province are coming around to that reality?

    Most of rural Ontario fully understands the horrible unintended consequences of the Green Energy Act. However, in retrospect, I for one am glad that The Agenda dealt with the issues that it did because in the end, these are the ones that spoke to the people who really matter......the urban voters who actually have it in their power to turf the Liberals out of office.