Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Turbine company talks tough about transmission

“If you want to read the comments just pick the garbage up after”
Orangeville Article: Turbine company talks tough about transmission:
Melancthon Deputy Mayor Darren White, who attended the Horning’s Mills PIC, said the company hasn’t demonstrated the spirit of co-operation they say they portray.
“They’re not willing to sit down and talk to me about what can be done as opposed to what they are going to do,” White said. “Last time I checked, we’re in a democracy, not an oligarchy.”
White also questioned why Dufferin Wind Power is willing to bury a portion of the transmission line in Shelburne, but denied the idea in Melancthon.
“I’m not against green energy. I’m against people coming into my township and telling me what I have to do,” White said.
Janice Gale attended the PIC to voice her concerns about the possibility of her Melancthon property value dropping due to the project. She also fears more windmills will equal a disruption in service.
“We already have problems with the Internet and cellphone reception,” Gale said. “The phone company is telling it’s just going to get worse when they put more windmills up.”
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  1. “Last time I checked, we’re in a democracy, not an oligarchy.”

    Darren White apparently hasn't checked very recently. Oligarchy is now the best descriptor of Ontario's political system.