Thursday, April 19, 2012

Scott Stinson: All aboard Ontario’s efficiency bus

Scott Stinson's article in the National Post includes Tom Adams' noting of the impact of the government's wind and solar policies on price inflation.

Scott Stinson: All aboard Ontario’s efficiency bus | Full Comment | National Post:
It’s easy enough to understand why the Ontario Liberals would call a press conference to tout a move that, the government says, will save taxpayers $25-million a year. The decision to merge two of the many agencies that are involved in the province’s energy supply is not quite as exciting as being able to announce it had, say, Stopped the Gravy Train, but at least it can say it has Fired Up the Efficiency Bus.

But, $25-million of what, exactly? The answer goes to the problem that looms for the Liberals, as sharply increasing electricity costs threaten to anger voters and dwarf any of the benefits realized by Wednesday’s announcement that the Ontario Power Authority and Independent Electricity System Operator will be combined.
The full article can be read at the National Post site

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