Tuesday, April 24, 2012


Some background on the company doing the bidding of the Korean syndicate in Ontario.

WHO IS PATTERN ENERGY? | East County Magazine:
"Riverstone has a checkered record on the ethical front.  In 2009, the company’s founder, David Leuschen was ordered by New York Attorney General Andrew M. .Cuomo to “pay $20 million in restitution to resolve his role in an investigation of corruption involving the state pension fund.  Mr. Leuschen’s private equity firm [Riverstone] has already paid $30 million in restitution in the case,” the New York Times reported.
According to Cuomo, the state pension fund invested $150 into a joint venture between Riverstone and the Carylyle Group in what was described by ABC news as a “pay to play” corruption scandal.
Leuschen is a former director and managing director at Goldman-Sachs who reportedly was instrumental in advising Mobil Oil on its $81 billion merger with Exxon. According to the Louisiana Voice, it was through Carylyle that Leuschen became involved in technology investments in the Middle East; Riverstone and Carlyle partner in “using political connections to solicit the business of public retirement funds from all over the country."
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  1. The 'masters of the universe' continue to pillage and plunder.