Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Canadian Mayor Threatens to Shut off Water to U.S. Town

Canadian Mayor Threatens to Shut off Water to U.S. Town | Newport Daily Express:
DERBY, VT/STANSTEAD QC. - Mayor Philippe Dutil of Stanstead, Quebec, says he would shut off the water valves to Beebe Plains, VT, if the Town of Derby supports the proposed Derby Line Wind Project.
The Canadians control the water that serves Beebe, a village in the Town of Derby, near the Canadian-U.S. border.
Mayor Dutil made the statement at a gathering Sunday in Stanstead. Quebec residents toured the U.S. location, from the Canadian side, where the proposed industrial size wind turbines could stand. Dutil said that Stanstead and Vermont have had good friendly relations that includes managing the water supply to Beebe, a system separate from the International Water Company. The Canadian water workers have had to comply with both Canadian and U.S. guidelines, and doing so serves no benefit to Canada; it’s a friendly gesture to the country’s American neighbors. Dutil also says that Stanstead had been responsible for Canusa Road, a unique road with the north lane in Canada and the south lane in the United States (Beebe, VT).
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  1. High Drama at Derby Meeting

    Select board member Karen Jenne read a letter from a Canadian resident who is in the process of building a home approximate 325 feet away from where one of the proposed, 400-plus foot tall turbines could be constructed. In the letter, the homeowner warns of possible legal action against the Town of Derby and the villages of Derby Center and Derby Line if the turbine project is supported.
    Canadian opposition is growing with concerns over health effects, safety, and property values.